Our Courses

albi caters to students of every level and offers instruction in both Spoken Lebanese Dialect and in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Read about our course options below and about our preferred teaching methods: Lebneini w 2aktar and al-Kitab.

Lebanese Dialect – Complete Beginner / AlephBaa (20 class hours on average)

This is the place most students start with us. In this course, you’ll learn how to read and write the Arabic alphabet in Modern Standard and Spoken Lebanese, giving you a solid foundation no matter where life takes you. If you already know the Arabic alphabet, we’ll go through this stage quickly, mainly to highlight the difference between the way that words are written and pronounced in spoken and modern standard. This will help you transition quickly from MSA to the spoken language.

Lebanese Dialect – Beginner (60 class hours on average)

In this course, you will learn how to introduce yourself and interact with native speakers as you master short and simple sentences from daily life. You will improve your reading competency, learn new vocabulary, and you will be able to form sentences in the present tense.

Lebanese Dialect – Upper Beginner (60 class hours on average)

This course will equip you to use every verb tense in conversation. In addition to the present continuous tense, you will be able to narrate what you did yesterday (el maaDy), what you used to do (el maaDy el ba3iid), and to communicate plans with the future tense. You will also get a good grasp of the active participle (ism el faa3el), learn the interrogative sentence structures, and cardinal numbers. You will also increase your vocabulary and gain confidence in your conversations with native speakers.

Lebanese Dialect – Intermediate (60 class hours on average)

You will continue to practice using the verbs you have already learned as well as study the comparative/superlative forms, ordinal numbers, body parts, how to ask and give directions, express the conditional, and direct and indirect pronouns attached to the verb. All of this is taught using dialogues about specific situations such as being at the travel agency, the clinic, the pharmacy, or the bank.

Lebanese Dialect – Upper Intermediate (60 class hours on average)

You will learn new vocabulary and have conversations about things like booking a hotel room, choosing services at the post office, renting a flat, having a phone conversation, cooking Levantine dishes, and more. By means of stories, you will be introduced to the use of imperative forms, adverbs, the passive participle (ism el maf3uul), and to the verbal roots of all Arabic words (the maSdar).

Lebanese Dialect – Advanced (60 class hours on average)

Through a selection of stories, you will practice speaking Lebanese in situations like visiting a friend at the hospital or getting your car fixed. This book also has legends and exercises to help build your vocabulary, and audio material in MP3 format.

Lebanese Dialect – Upper Advanced (60 class hours on average)

In this course, you will get further mastery in conversation and be able to tell stories, speak about your family and relationships. You will learn idiomatic expressions and local traditions.

Introduction to Media Arabic – Level 1

This class is for students who have a foundation in MSA and want to improve listening, reading, and conversation skills in Modern Standard Arabic. You’ll cover a variety of topics from business and economics, politics, culture, and sports. Articles used for this course are a great place to start; they are short, but full of useful vocabulary.

Intermediate Media Arabic – Level 2

Articles in this course cover a variety of topics and are longer and more advanced than those used for level 1. These articles are accompanied by audio recordings.

Arabic Literature – Level 3

Articles in this course focus on culture and literature and are the most advanced. Just like for the two previous levels, they are accompanied by audio recordings.

Our Preferred Arabic Methods

Lebneini w 2aktar

Lebneini w 2aktar is a textbook series that Joelle Giappesi (albi program director) developed with her teachers. They have been perfected through years of experience and proven to produce great results.

Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya

Al-Kitaab is a bestselling Arabic Language Program. It includes reading, listening, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge. This comprehensive, multiple-level program, is designed for students at various stages of learning Arabic. In the third edition, audio and video content needed to complete the homework exercises is available to stream online for free on AlKitaabTextbook.com. Homework exercises are printed in the textbooks.